So You Wanna Be an Ebay Seller? Lots of people do. Some do it full-time, while others, like me, do it part-time. Aside from the amount of effort that you put into the Ebay hustle, there is one thing that will either make you or break you as an Ebay seller…having the right supplies. Your … Continue Reading

The Gardening Gene Skipped Two Generations If you’re like me, you love flowers, but don’t do well taking care of them. My grandmother has a green thumb. Every plant that she touches thrives. I have a gray thumb. These Silver King Thyme plants that I planted last year…DEAD! These climbing Confederate Jasmine…on life support! The … Continue Reading

Ebay Flat Rate Shipping Today’s eBay beginner tutorial is about how to use the eBay flat rate shipping feature in eBay. This is for those listings that have already been created without it. I have an eBay store so if you don’t, the first steps may be a little bit different for you, but most … Continue Reading

Bed, Bath, & Beyond Lemon Tree Sheet Set So this one is actually not a thrift store find, but a major clearance find! I happened to be looking for a comforter to replace the one that I shredded in the washer, when I stumbled upon this sheet set at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Lo and … Continue Reading

  Ayurvedic Natural Toothpaste On one of my TJ Maxx runs I was in search of a stick of Schmidt’s natural deodorant, and I came across Auromere’s ayurvedic natural toothpaste. In case you don’t know, TJ’s sometimes carries hard-to-find, discontinued items. This is a great way to try a new product out, and if you like … Continue Reading

My Favorite Thing: Indian Green Moss Agate and Bone Bangle I recently came acquired this beauty from a Goodwill in San Diego, California. Don’t ask how (grinning). I have my ways. What I love about this agate bangle is the rusty orange color, the size of the piece and, the contrast in color of the dark … Continue Reading