So What’s an Appaholic?

An appaholic is someone who has at least 3 screens worth of apps (not including the pre-installed ones) on his/her phone and/or tablet at any given time. You ever heard that saying, “They have an app for that!”? Well, an appaholic takes that to heart. Hi. My name is Takiela, and I am an appaholic. I’m a functional appaholic. The type that primarily downloads apps related to saving money. I will not hesitate to download an app mid-shopping trip if I know that I can use it to get a discount on my purchase. My husband thinks this is hilarious. All I’m saying is that there are so many ways to electronically save dough! I would be totally remiss not to have created this guide to saving money.

Take Advantage of these Offers


Ebates is a site that pays you back for shopping  at participating online stores. The pay-back amount is a percentage that varies by store, and some stores offer double cash back. The amount may not be huge, but if you’re spending a moderate amount of money online, it can add up. My lifetime cash back total so far is $112.56, and I’ll be receiving a “big fat check” in August for $24.01 deposited straight into my PayPal account. They pay out every 3 months as long as your balance is $5.01 or more. The trick is that you have to remember to activate the savings before you check out. You can either download the app or use the online version. Use this referral link to sign up.

Ebate’s Activation Prompt

Email/Text Subscriptions

Lots of businesses are using the “text to save” model to offer their customers savings. They will provide you with a number & a phrase to use in order to opt-in to their list. In exchange for your discount, they will send you future promotions via your cell phone or email address.


Don’t sleep on the ‘bay. We all know how quickly kids grow out of clothes and shoes. Often times you are able to find clothing and shoes on Ebay that are new with tags (NWT) or in great used condition for affordable prices. My sons attend private school, so they have to wear Lands’ End uniforms. Ask me if I spend $30 per pair of pants and $18 or more on uniform shirts–I don’t think so! Read the post on how I beat the system by buying Lands’ End’s iron knee pants every year for back-to-school. Sometimes I get “lucky” and find them on Ebay, and I can’t hit the Ebates and “checkout” buttons fast enough! Recently Ebay has started a rewards program similar to Ebates. They call it Ebay Bucks. The pay out is 1% of qualified purchases and pays out every 3 months; no minimum required. Unlike Ebates, Ebay’s rewards can only be redeemed toward a purchase on Ebay.

Target Cartwheel & Redcard 

Target has a money saving app for your smart phone. You can search for savings by category, collections, by item, or have them recommend deals to you based on your spending history. The savings vary and so do the items, but they usually start at 5% and go upward. Target also offers a debit or credit Redcard. I have the debit Redcard, and whenever I make a purchase the amount is debited from my checking account. The benefits of using the card are the 5% savings on your purchase, future offers tailored to your spending history, free online shipping on most items, and 30 extra days for returns.


My Target Cartwheel Account

The Take-away

Stop leaving money on the table and get with the program! Download one of these apps today, and go out and save the day!

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