To Blowout Natural Hair or Not

Natural hair curl patterns are just as unique as the methods in which their owners use to care for them. Some curlfriends wear their hair straight, some wear theirs curly, some braided, and some a combination of all the above. Then there is the issue of how often curlfriends apply heat to their hair. To blowout natural hair or not is really a personal decision, but for me, the goal of natural hair is health. I am one of those that use heat to straighten her hair only when it’s time for a trim, every 3 months. With transitioners and newly naturalists in mind, I decided to blog about how I maintain my sleek look until my next wash.


Blowout Natural Hair

Day 1:

Recovering from surgery, I wasn’t able to go to my normal stylist, Brandy, for my blowout because that entails a 4-hour drive. I had to entrust my natural hair to the hands of a well-known local stylist. It wasn’t the best blowout that I’ve ever had. It was slightly puffy, but of all days to get my hair done, it decided to mist outside on that day, so I had to charge it to the game. As you can see in this video, later that night, I dry-set my hair on flexi rods and covered it with my bonnet. The purpose of the flexi rods was to create volume and keep my hair in place all night. Nothing kills a blowout like flat, bent strands of hair!


Day 2:

In this video, I show the process of me taking out the flexi rods and styling my hair.

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

In the pictures you can see that my hair started to revert a little bit on the edges. It was definitely time for a wash-n-go.

Day 6:

As you can see, I didn’t quite make it to day 7. After 6 nights of flexi rodding my hair, I was pretty much over it; too much maintenance for me! I’m used to putting my hair up in a pineapple and tying a scarf around it for the night. I ain’t ’bout that flexi rod life!

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