School Clothes: 40% Off Lands’ End Iron Knee Pants

Best Price of the Year on Quality School Clothes Lands’ End is marking down their Iron Knee pants at 40% off! For those of you who do not shop Lands’ End, this is a pretty big deal. Literally! Although the clothing is of good quality, the prices are a little on the high end. They … Continue Reading

The Appaholic’s Guide to Saving Money

So What’s an Appaholic? An appaholic is someone who has at least 3 screens worth of apps (not including the pre-installed ones) on his/her phone and/or tablet at any given time. You ever heard that saying, “They have an app for that!”? Well, an appaholic takes that to heart. Hi. My name is Takiela, and … Continue Reading

4th of July Target Clearance Finds 30-70% Off

4th of July Savings I know that the kids and the teachers don’t want to hear this–but it’s time to start doing back-to-school shopping. One advantage of starting now is that you get to pick up items slowly and catch the lowest prices. I was in Target yesterday, and I found some good 4th of … Continue Reading

Target Clearance Haul: 50% Off Summer Clothes for the Kids

Target Clearance I found myself in Target today after a workout; no kids, just got paid, clearance fully loaded. It was on and poppin’! As usual, I “just” went in for a few things (shaking my head), but I got caught up. Does that ever happen to you? I was in there buying clothes for … Continue Reading

Mac Cosmetics for Less Than $15

Mac Cosmetics for the Low I’m not a big makeup wearer. Give me some lipstick and mascara, and I’m good. I love lipstick! When I do opt to wear and purchase makeup, most of the time it’s Mac cosmetics. A while back I signed up for Mac’s emailing list, and I was rewarded with a … Continue Reading