Thrift Haul #6: Michael Kors, Nine West, Ralph Lauren North Atlanta Goodwill

Michael Kors & More I took a trip up to the “A”, also known as Atlanta, recently to get my hair done. I was in the mood to doing some shopping for keeps, not for resell. Of course, I couldn’t let the opportunity to try some new thrift stores pass me up. While there, I … Continue Reading

Thrift Haul #5: Ann Taylor, Theory, Tibi (NWT), & More

Did the Salvation Army Redeem Itself? Normally, I don’t depend on the Salvation Army as a sourcing spot, not even a go-to spot when I’m shopping for myself. I don’t know what it is, but the Salvation Army here does not have its stuff together. Not only do they not open on the weekend, but … Continue Reading

Thrift Haul #4: Vintage Peter Max, Jordans, Express via Goodwill

Peter Max: Who is He? Peter Max is an artist most known for his pop art. He was known for creating very colorful, vibrant artwork, some of which, he licensed the prints of to be used on clothing. This sweatshirt, along with all the other items pictured here, are from my Goodwill retail haul. My … Continue Reading

Thrift Haul #2: Pajama Pants? The Most Boring Haul Ever

Pajama Pants: Why so Many? Back in April, I took the kids for a weekend getaway to Orlando, Florida. Of course, I couldn’t imagine being that close to a Goodwill Outlet (AKA- the bins) and not stopping by. I was kind of unsure of how this trip would go because the variable this time was … Continue Reading

Thrift Haul #3: Cole Haan, Starbucks, & More

Cole Haan: Unnoticed in the Bin I went down to the bins in Jacksonville, Florida to do a little sourcing for my online thrift store. Yes, the ones where the people act like vultures fighting for a meal! The first thing that I saw laying in the bins, was this Cole Haan leather jacket. I … Continue Reading