No quirky happenings today, so far. I started diatomaceous earth (DE) three days ago, and I think I’m just about ready to up the ante. Tomorrow, I’m going to be increasing my dosage to one tablespoon instead of the teaspoon that I’ve been taking. I’m going to keep my kids at one teaspoon for a while longer though. While I’m on the subject, my oldest son reported to me that he boo-booed at summer camp. To all of my non-African American readers, in my culture, boo-boo means to poop. We don’t use that term for a scrape or a minor injury. Lol! Just thought I’d interject. Anyway, his news was welcomed because he can go a couple of days without pooping. He’s a very picky eater who eats no vegetables whatsoever, and he loves junk food. I won’t tell you who he got that sweet tooth from. I will definitely be keeping him on DE.

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