Are you interested in seeing how much money a girl can make side-hustling on eBay? Read on!
This month my goal was to get to $1,000 for my 60 day sales total. Check! My other goal was to get to $1,000 for my 31 day total, but I fell short by $174.05; close but no cigar.

Not bad for a part-time side-hustle ran out of my garage and a corner in my home, huh?! Granted these numbers are my revenue, not my profit. What’s the difference? Revenue is how much money you make from selling your merchandise (merch.), and profit is how much money you get to keep after you pay your bills.

I’m relatively new on the eBay scene as a seller, although I’ve been a buyer for a few years, so this is a journey for me. One that will lead to my freedom and complete financial independence. I have a new website coming soon, with better functionality, featuring my blog and my new online store. I’m always looking for ways to improve. I’m looking to eventually wean myself off of eBay and eliminate my seller’s fees, which will put more money in my bank account! I hope that you will continue this journey with me by revisiting this blog, interacting with me, and watching my progress as I work toward firing my bosses, changing my life, and straight up crushin’ it!


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