Girl’s Trip: My Birthday Weekend Woosah

My grandmother frowned upon it, and so did my aunt. My cousin and my dad tried to talk me out of doing it. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones that I told about my weekend plan that found fault with it, but family is always gonna let you know. What am I talking about? The birthday weekend that I spent alone…by choice. It’s 2018. Why is the thought of a woman taking a girl’s trip weekend woosah alone so controversial?

Overcoming Objections

It never ceases to amaze me how a woman doing something to take care of herself is mistaken for selfishness. My grandma and my aunty both playfully said that I was being selfish for leaving my husband behind. Lol! Wow, really?! I told them that the last time I checked, I wasn’t a twin, so my birthday was only about me. Not to mention that my birthday often falls on Mother’s Day weekend. In my opinion, that sounds like plenty of cause to be “selfish”. I was a little perplexed by the reactions, but still unmoved. I don’t bow to other people’s opinions of what I do, but my family already knows this.

Things I Did in Peace

I started my weekend off by checking into a beachfront hotel. Those SPG points really came through. I didn’t have to pay a dime for the $200/night room. The kids were away for the weekend with their dad, and the husband was left to his own devices. I ate. I shopped. I wandered. I indulged. I did whatever the hell I felt like doing…in another state…all in the company of self! Let me tell you…it was great! If reading that makes you cringe, then you may be one of those selfless mother-wives who is drained and emotionally backed up. If you are that woman, may I offer a word of advice? Chill. Putting yourself last on the list is a quick burnout.  That’s why I pampered myself this weekend. I was tired of being stressed. Things I did in peace:

  1. Trader Joe’s
  2. Big Fish Power Yoga
  3. Joe’s Crab Shack
  4. Tang Dynasty Foot Spa
  5. M.A.C. Cosmetics
  6. Anthropologie
  7. Chipotle’s
  8. Marshall’s
  9. Ross
  10. Home Goods
  11. Jax Spice
  12. IKEA
  13. Jacksonville beach
  14. Pottery Barn
  15. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
  16. Shine Massage and Spa (massage, facial, and sauna)
  17. Blogged

Jacksonville Beach View


Trader Joes

Even Mules Need a Break

In Zora Neale Hurston’s book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, she wrote that women were the mules of the world. This oftentimes feels so true, but even mules need a break. For me, the month of May has been a culmination of stress caused by work deadlines, homelife, and an overall frustration with not being able to do more of what I really love doing. The negativity crept up inside me egging me on to give it wings. I tried to do things that calmed me, but I was almost always interrupted by someone or something. The past two weeks have felt like the devil was throwing darts at me. Lol! No lie. I knew that if I didn’t get away soon for a girl’s trip, I was going to snap…on somebody!

Taking Care of Number One

Aches, pains, irritability. My body spoke, and I listened. I jam-packed as much physically healing activities into this weekend as I could. In keeping with my rediscovery of yoga as a means to help me destress and stretch my body, I attended a complimentary yoga class while away from home. I also tried some new things for the first time this weekend; foot reflexology.

I am my own number one ride-or-die-chic, and I treat myself well. If you’re a good mommy then you should be raising your own flag too. Some women think it’s okay to give until there’s nothing left, be the yes-woman all of the time, and put everyone’s needs before their own. I think that this mentality was handed down from generations of women who didn’t work outside the home. Let’s face it, we run stuff now! Without our health and sound mind, we won’t be much good to anyone, so we have to preserve and respect ourselves. If that means getting away for a girl’s trip or a girls’ trip, so be it. This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. The only thing I didn’t like about it was my hair. I guess it was asking too much for everything to be in my favor!

bad hair weekend
Bad Hair Weekend


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