My Summer Slipped Away

The gig is up. The last day of Summer has slipped right through my fingers, not because I didn’t hold on to it tightly enough, but because all good things must come to an end. I can’t truly say that I relaxed enough during my Summer break, nor that I grinded hard enough. What I did was somewhere in the middle.

What Pays the Bills

I am a kindergarten teacher, a thriftaholic, an entrepreneur, and a content creator amongst other things. Can you guess which one of these things pays the bills? If you guessed teaching, then you’re correct-o-mundo! Can you guess which one of these things makes me stay up way past midnight 2 a.m. when I have to get up at 7 a.m.? Yep, creating content, blogging. It’s what makes me happy. When asked if I like my job, I’m more inclined to tell you that I don’t hate it, but that just depends on which day you ask me.

Don’t get it twisted! I am grateful for my j-o-b. It afforded my family and I some nice downtime this Summer. It affords me to pay for all of the pursuits and supplies that I haven’t yet seen a return on investment for. What pays the bills allows me to test the waters of the pursuit of happiness without the fear of drowning.

The Best of Intentions

I started out in education with the best of intentions. Really, I did. I know it’s rather cliche´, but I wanted to make a positive impact on someone’s life; to see their growth; to make a difference. I wanted to do all of the things that my naiveté didn’t have the heart to discourage me from thinking I could do. Not that I haven’t seen my students’ grow, nor that they haven’t been impacted by me in some small way, but the  fervor to teach, like a candle wick, has gradually gotten shorter and shorter. This is why I grieve the end of Summer.

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The Struggle is Real

My struggle with what pays the bills is that it stifles my creativity and my autonomy. It gives me an egg and expects me to make a cake. Well the joke is on them, because dammit, I don’t bake! Sometimes I wonder if I could be happy teaching if I could do it my own way, you know, using my intuition and common sense. I think that maybe I could. Even so, it wouldn’t quiet the voice inside my head that wants to work remotely from a Mac and earn multiple streams of income by doing whatever makes me happy.

What Makes me Happy

This Summer, I have worked diligently to check off several personal projects including tweaking my website, setting up my own online store outside of Ebay, and researching products. I didn’t relax nearly enough, but the lines through my written and mental notes made it worth it. I know that to everyone except for me, it looked like I was just staring at a computer screen all day instead of being in the moment. It was more than that though. While I was in front of this screen, my wheels were turning fast, like 9-tabs-open-at-the-same-time fast. I was in building mode, and I worked on my foundation this Summer.

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My Worries

A sense of dread started to build up inside me toward the end of July, because I knew that the end was near. I worry that I won’t be able to take my mind off of what makes me happy; that I will slowly start to drown in a sea of deadlines and meaningless paperwork. I worry that I will be uncovered as one who works the job to pay the bills. Why can’t I be…one of those people who just loves their 9-to-5? Did I choose wrong? Is this a test? Will I be able to switch over; to stick my toe into what makes me happy, when all I really want to do is dive in head-first? Pray for me ya’ll!

Another Open Mic

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