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    产品名称:VICOR 384Vin-48Vout/325W 32.5*22*6.6MM


    备注:高功率密度,高稳定性,高效率,超低价 (大量现货可面谈),可代替VICOR 的另一个型号BCM384T480T325A00

    • 384 Vdc – 48 Vdc 325 W Bus Converter Module
    • High efficiency (>95%) reduces system power
    • High power density (>1000 W/in3)
    reduces power system footprint by >40%
    • “Full Chip” V•I Chip package enables surface mount,
    low impedance interconnect to system board
    • Contains built-in protection features: undervoltage,
    overvoltage lockout, over current protection, short
    circuit protection, overtemperature protection.
    • Provides enable/disable control, internal temperature
    • ZVS/ZCS Resonant Sine Amplitude Converter topology
    • Can be paralleled to create multi-kW arrays
    The V•I Chip Bus Converter Module is a high efficiency (>95%)
    Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) operating from a 360 to 400
    Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated 45-50 V nominal, unregulated
    secondary. The SAC offers a low AC impedance beyond
    the bandwidth of most downstream regulators, meaning that
    input capacitance normally located at the input of a regulator
    can be located at the input to the SAC. Since the K factor of
    the VIB0002TFJ is 1/8, that capacitance value can be reduced by
    a factor of 64x, resulting in savings of board area, materials and
    total system cost.
    The VIB0002TFJ is provided in a V•I Chip package compatible
    with standard pick-and-place and surface mount assembly
    processes. The V•I Chip package provides flexible thermal
    management through its low junction-to-case and junction-toboard
    thermal resistance. With high conversion efficiency the
    VIB0002TFJ increases overall system efficiency and lowers
    operating costs compared to conventional approaches.