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    产品名称:华为36-75Vin--5-13.2Vout/300W 1/8砖 宽电压输出



    Input voltage: 36 - 75 V
    Output current: 0 - 25 A
    Efficiency: 95% (12 V, 25A)
    Industry standard eighth-brick (L x W x H):
    58.4 mm x 22.9 mm x 13.2 mm (2.30 in. x
    0.90 in. x 0.52 in.)
     Weight: 45 g

    The GDE25S12B series are new isolated DC-DC
    converters that use an industry standard eighthbrick
    structure and feature high efficiency and
    power density with low output ripple and noise.
    They operate from an input voltage range of 36 V
    to 75 V, and provide the rated output voltage of 12
    V as well as the maximum output current of 25 A.