Polka Dot Dress

This Rubber Ducky polka dot dress came from my local Goodwill retail. It was purchased with a few other items in a small haul, so its cost averages out to less than $4.

Photo Credits: Kayla Reed

It is featured in my She Poses in Thrift Lookbook. I paired it with a pair of $30 Rockport leather flats that were secondhand from Ebay. Pretty much any price that you pay for leather shoes is worth it if they’re comfortable, because leather withstands the test of time.

Secondhand Rockport leather flats from Ebay

Yes, I buy and sell on Ebay! I’m pretty loyal to the ‘bay because Amazon has lost their damn minds. I remember a time when their prices were somewhat reasonable, and you didn’t have to have Prime to get free shipping. Although I do have Prime, because it was offered to me for free as a graduate student. I still don’t mess with Amazon like that.

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