How a Cheap Frugal Girl Tries Out a New Product

I ran into Tarjay (Target) today for one item, some Alaway eye drops for my pollen-abused eyes. Well, that was the plan. True to form, I talked myself into stopping by a few clearance end-caps since I didn’t have the kids, and that’s when I stumbled upon The Honest Company’s organic tampons and pads. They never would have made it off that shelf if they hadn’t been marked down. You know how I roll! There has been an increasing amount of buzz around women’s feminine hygiene products lately, more specifically, what they’re made out of. I’m all for natural stuff as long as it’s not to exorbitant, so I swooped up one package each of the organic tampons and pads.

Target Endcap Display

First Impressions

The packaging is small and appealing to the eye. It’s discreet enough. Once I got the products home, I opened them up to get a good look at the inner packaging. With a name like The Honest Company, and selling organic tampons and what not, there was a lot of packaging. I don’t know if it’s just me, but organic and environmental friendly seem like they go hand-in-hand. I feel like the amount of packaging could have been reduced. Upon first appearances, the boxes look like they are a one-piece, but they are actually two separate pieces. So I can’t give them any brownie points for the unnecessary packaging.

The Honest Co. Tampons
The Honest Co. Pads

The Price Tag

Like I said before, the only reason that I tried these out was out of curiosity and because the price was right. Regularly priced, the tampons retail at $6.99 for a quantity of 16, and the pads go for $5.99 for a quantity of 10. That’s a little rich for my blood. Sorry, no pun intended. Would you pay that much for organic feminine products? Have you? I know that I probably shouldn’t be so cheap frugal when it comes to personal care stuff, but I don’t know…Then again, the cost would be justified if I knew that the alternative to these organic tampons and pads were definitely problematic to my health. Anyone ran across any good scientific research on the relationship between regular tampons and pads and women’s health issues? If so, let me know. I’d love to read up on that.

The Test Drive: Organic Tampons

These tampons remind me of the O.B. brand tampons that came with no applicators…hated ’em! With these Honest tampons I experienced a “failure to launch”. The applicator is very short compared to traditional tampons, so maybe that was the cause. Another issue that I had with the tampons was that the cotton fibers had the ability to pull away from the tampon, like pulling pieces off a cotton ball. Who wants anything left behind in her “purse”? I sure don’t!

The Test Drive: Organic Pads

Let’s talk about these pads. Since I wear and love Stayfree pads, I will compare the Honest Co. pads to them. First, I have to say that I do love the thinness of the pads and the breathability that they have. What I do not love is the performance of the pads. Unlike Stayfree, Honest pads do not lock moisture into the core of the pad, which wicks it away from your body. The other qualm that I had with this pad is that it needed to be changed more often than a Stayfree due to its lack of moisture wicking properties.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

I like that the tampons and pads are made from cotton, although they are not 100% cotton according to the box. Who knows what the other brand tampons and pads are made out of, so I have to give The Honest Co. some credit for that disclosure.

What I don’t like is the difficulty of use and performance of the tampons and pads, respectively. Would I purchase these items again? Not even if they were on the clearance rack, and that’s saying a lot for me! This experience will not keep me from trying another brand of organic cotton feminine hygiene products though, and when I  do, you’ll be the first to know.

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