Girl’s Trip: My Birthday Weekend Woosah My grandmother frowned upon it, and so did my aunt. My cousin and my dad tried to talk me out of doing it. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones that I told about my weekend plan that found fault with it, but family is always gonna let you … Continue Reading

Dooney & Bourke Domed Florentine Leather Satchel from the Thrift Store Milondex found this $400 Dooney and Bourke Florentine leather satchel at the thrift store for a whopping $20. Talk about a steal! I had my eye on a  Dooney and Bourke Florentine for a while, but never did cough up the money to make it … Continue Reading

To Blowout Natural Hair or Not Natural hair curl patterns are just as unique as the methods in which their owners use to care for them. Some curlfriends wear their hair straight, some wear theirs curly, some braided, and some a combination of all the above. Then there is the issue of how often curlfriends … Continue Reading

Bohemian Jewelry Straight from the Goodwill Boho, Bohemian, Boho Chic…whatever you call it, it is all the rage right now in fashion and accessories! I’m a big fan of the look. So, what’s better than a cute piece of Bohemian jewelry? How about two pieces for the price of one?! I scored this faux-stone bracelet … Continue Reading

What is an Estate Sale? How many estate sales have you been to? The answer for me, is just one. One little estate sale, but I have to admit that I liked it. If you are like I was, then you’re probably wondering exactly what happens at an estate sale.  An estate sale is when … Continue Reading

Layered Starfish and Gold Bar Necklace Congratulations to Julie on winning the brand new Layered Starfish & Gold Bar Necklace give-away sponsored by Suthern Soul Thriftin’! She was randomly selected from the list of Suthern Soul Thriftin’ email subscribers. The Next Give-Away Our next give-away is coming soon, so be sure to subscribe to our email list down below … Continue Reading