Bop and the Tootsie pop at peaches to beaches

Peaches to Beaches Annual Yard Sale

Last week my son and I went out to Peaches to Beaches  in search of some good deals on items that I could sell in my online store. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and everyone was out doing their thing.  For those of you who don’t know, Peaches to Beaches is an annual yard sale that takes place up and down highway 341, which runs from central Georgia (known for peach growing) to coastal Georgia (boasting several beaches). The booths can range from a single person’s set-up shop in a vacant lot on the highway; to a church hosting several booths in an open field on their highway property; to a rental storage owner setting up shop inside the gates of their business situated just right off the highway. We visited all of the above!

The Haul

I was able to by a few pairs of shoes, some books, a hat, and some clothing; all at very good prices. My best find was these pair of leather Cole Haan shoes. I paid just $0.50 for them! Check ’em out on eBay by clicking on the image.

Leather Cole Haan Shoes

Stuck in the Muck

Everything was lovely until…this happened! So the conversation went like this, “Mommy, don’t go in the ditch.” “Boy, this a suv… [car makes springing sounds in drive and reverse]…damn!” “[Laughter] I told you!” We had to rely on the kindness of strangers to hook up a tow strap to our hitch and pull us to freedom. The morale of the story is…mud in a ditch can be deceiving and listen to your kids sometimes!

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