An Eye for Quality

I was down in Jacksonville, Florida again doing a little sourcing. On this particular day, there wasn’t too much exciting in the bins. Over the years, I have trained my eye to spot quality, without even having to feel it. That’s how I came across this Seattle Sounders Adidas jacket. Now, ask me if I knew who the heck the Seattle Sounders were. Um, no! I am not a sports fan at all, but I knew that the jacket was name brand and made in an appealing style and color, so I swooped it up.

The Fun Part of Thrifting

Often times, I can’t even wait to get out of the thrift store before I am all up on eBay trying to find price comps for recently sold items, but this time I just waited until I got home, and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I wasn’t able to find a comp on eBay, I did locate one on the Seattle Sounders’ online retail shop. By the way, the Seattle Sounders are a soccer team. Sometimes a girl has to go straight to the source. I discovered that similar styles of Seattle Sounders Adidas jackets go for $99.00 new; love when that happens. I paid about $2.00 for mine. Cha-ching!

Seattle Sounders Adidas Jacket

I listed my find on my online thrift store in an auction format starting at $19.99, and I received 5 bids on it. It sold today for $22.50. I’m pretty pumped about it. That’s about 11 times what I paid for it. I would like to take this time to thank my mommy and give her a shout out for teaching me all about quality and the clearance rack! Who knew that it would take me this far?! Seriously though, I have found some pretty good stuff in the bins that the fast movers passed right over, and every time it happens, it feels like a score!

Seattle Sounders Adidas clothing rack

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