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These items sold on my online thrift store recently. The dress and the Ikea candle holders I have sat on for months now, but the Coldwater Creek shirt turned around within a couple of weeks. I didn’t make much of a profit on the Old Navy dress. I believe that I bought it for retail at the Goodwill. It was purchased in the early days of my thrifting-for-profit venture, before I got turned out by the bins. I know better now than to pay thrift-retail for a dress!

Item: Old Navy Blue Striped 100% Cotton Dress

Purchased at: A Thrift Store (Can’t remember which one)

Purchase Price: Less than $6.00

Sold for: $10.50

Item: IKEA Metal Glass Candle Holder Set

Purchased at: Goodwill Retail

Purchase Price: $2.99/ qty 12

Sold for: $6.00 for a pair

Item: Coldwater Creek Button Down Shirt 100% Cotton No Iron

Purchased at: Goodwill Outlet

Purchase Price: $2.00 or less

Sold for: $9.99

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