Zappos, king of my heart (when it comes to buying my sons’ shoes), the online shoe store owned by Amazon, is now offering a $15 coupon code if existing customers sign up for rewards. I am a VIP with Zappos and have been for a couple of years; that’s how many pairs of little boys shoes I buy with them! I got an email stating that I could get a $30.00 coupon code, I guess since I’m a VIP. I was crushed when I read that it was a one-day only coupon and the email was a day old. I get so much email daily, that I skim through it for important stuff. Damn you spammers! Since Zappos has NEVER been known to give promo or coupon codes, I didn’t see the urgency in the email. Thankfully, I was still able to use the coupon code on my order and save $30 on my son’s shoes!

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The rewards program looks pretty good, but what I love about Zappos is their stellar customer service and the fact that I get free next day delivery as a VIP. I also love the fact that, just like Amazon, they display real customer reviews on the products. Amazon has always been my go-to for a genuine product review. Zappos is simply amazing! I have purchased shoes, which my oldest son has dogged out so quick, I had to look back to see when I purchased them. When I discovered that it was less than 6 months since purchase, I called them up because I felt like the shoes should have held up better to the abuse. Lol! They sent me a new pair the next day, no charge, and didn’t even ask for the old pair back! That’s  just one example of their customer service. I could be their paid spokesperson! Anyway, sign up and get the coupon code before they stop offering it!

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