JC Pie Pops

I was doing my grocery run and stumbled across these in the frozen desert aisle of Publix while looking for pie crusts that I thought were on sale. What better time to try something new than when it is B1G1 free. I have to say that these JC’s Pie Pops are delish! I got a box of the Strawberry Cream and Key Lime. The Strawberry Cream took me back to my middle school days of having a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar after lunch. It tastes similar too. The Key Lime is just right, not too limey. It has vanilla ice-cream. Both flavors boasts a smooth-textured ice-cream with a kind of crumbly, graham cracker coating that is intermingled with strawberry and key lime respectively. So would I buy them at full price at $4.59 a pop? I probably would, but just one box considering only 3 pops come in a box for the price.

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