Target Clearance

I found myself in Target today after a workout; no kids, just got paid, clearance fully loaded. It was on and poppin’! As usual, I “just” went in for a few things (shaking my head), but I got caught up. Does that ever happen to you? I was in there buying clothes for kids I don’t even have custody of (my nieces)! My sons go to private school, so they wear uniforms 95% of the week. I have been stocking up on their Summer wardrobe little by little, which means I couldn’t pass up all these deals on the Target clearance racks.

It Always Starts with a Look

It all started with a quick look at the end caps. If you don’t know, that’s where a lot of the Target deals live. I was in the mood for some air freshener, and bingo, Febreeze for $2.08 a bottle; $1.08 after the Cartwheel App manufacturer’s discount. I grabbed two! The things that I scored ranged from 30-50% off, but some were 70% off, and most were 50% off!

Cat & Jack

On my way to the register, I stopped in the kids’ department and picked up a few things for the boys. The prices were pretty cheap, so I decided that I should look to see if I could find anything for my nieces. As you can see, I racked up on Cat & Jack brand clothes today. I know that not too many mamas still believe in dressing their little girls like this anymore, but I’m big on age-appropriate wear. We’re raising ladies, not just women.

I tried on a girl’s size 14/16 jacket, and it fit. At just $5.00, I had to contemplate real hard about whether I wanted to keep it for myself or give it to my niece. I ain’t joking, but I ultimately decided to pass it on!

I saved an additional $4 by using my Target Red debit card. I didn’t even have to use my AK, so today was a good day (in my Ice Cube voice).  All of these finds came from my local Target in Brunswick, Georgia. Now go out and see what you can find at your local Target!

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