Pajama Pants: Why so Many?

Back in April, I took the kids for a weekend getaway to Orlando, Florida. Of course, I couldn’t imagine being that close to a Goodwill Outlet (AKA- the bins) and not stopping by. I was kind of unsure of how this trip would go because the variable this time was that I had my two rambunctious sons. As a rule of thumb, I rarely if ever take my sons or anyone else for that matter, shopping with me. Reason being that I can stay for 2-3 hours in any given store, especially the bins. I know that not everyone is built for that. The boys actually surprised me with how well they behaved. They weren’t perfect, but they did okay. I have to say that I have never had so many pajama pants in one haul before, but that’s the way of the bins. You never know what you’ll come up with.

The Most Boring Haul…Ever

Oftentimes my hauls really excite me. Sometimes a few things in my haul excite me. Sometimes I’m like, “Why did I even waste my time today!” This particular haul was one of the most boring hauls ever! I think that the only cute thing that I managed to find was these pair of grimy little Brazilian heels.

Brazilian heels
Brazilian Heels

Maybe that’s why, with the exception of the Carter’s baby bibs and a few other pieces, the stuff from this haul is still sitting in my garage waiting to be listed! This 2 pk of Carter’s baby bibs sold quickly on my online store for $5.00.

Carter's baby bibs
Carter’s Baby Bibs

Damaged Goods

Despite the fact that I try to be diligent about looking for damage (rips, stains, holes) on each item that I put into my buggy, some things still get past me. I just blame it on the lighting in the stores, because once I get the items home and under about 3 sets of lights, every flaw magically appears! I got these two pieces all the way back to Georgia before I realized that they were damaged. So, what’s a girl to do? I list them anyway with a full disclosure on my eBay store in my clearance bin section. You would be surprised with some of the things that eBayers buy at deeply discounted prices. These bleach-damaged Merona linen blend pants have 140 views, which is about 4 times the number of views that my other items have on average, and 6 people “watching”. All that because they listed at $5?

Damaged Merona Pants

Merona linen blend pants

Written-on Shirt

Written-on Shirt

The Bill

I paid a whopping $9.89 for 8 items. That averages out to be about $1.24 per piece. Even though the haul wasn’t a win, it was still a win considering that I still have the majority of the items from the haul to sell, and I’ve already recouped over half the bill by selling the Carter’s baby bibs. That’s just the way of the bins.


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