Did the Salvation Army Redeem Itself?

Normally, I don’t depend on the Salvation Army as a sourcing spot, not even a go-to spot when I’m shopping for myself. I don’t know what it is, but the Salvation Army here does not have its stuff together. Not only do they not open on the weekend, but they don’t seem to care too much about making their presence in the community known to…well, the community. Maybe if they did, they’d get more donations, better donations, and could in turn raise more money for their cause! With that being said, I stopped by on a whim, and scored a pretty sweet haul. The brands: Ann Taylor, Tibi, Theory, just to name a few. Does that mean that they’ve redeemed themselves with me? It’s gonna take more hauls like this one to know for sure!

The Haul

Some of these finds are for sale on my online thrift store, and others made it to my closet. If they have a hyperlink, that means they’re up for grabs. Without further ado, the brands…

I really love this Ann Taylor blouse with the Ikat pattern, but then again, I am a lover of all things Ann Taylor.

This New Directions blouse is a Belk store brand. It retails at $52, was marked down to $25.99, and ended up in my bag for much less than that. Gotta love it!

This Tibi top is the jewel of this thrift haul. She retails for $325, was marked down to $163, oooh what a steal. NOT! As you can see, she came home with me for a mere $5.00. If only she wasn’t a dang size xs, but what am I gonna do about it?!

Another lovely Ann Taylor piece. I love them so much that I call them pieces. That means they are timeless and classic. Every woman should have a couple “pieces” in her wardrobe. Don’t you think?

Theory in such a beautiful color. I love the keyhole design, although that would just be way too much cleavage for me without a camisole on underneath. This one made its way into my closet too.

There was some confusion as to whether this brand was an Anthropologie brand. They carry a Clu+Willoughby brand, and I’m not sure that this is the same brand. What I do know is…this sweatshirt retails from about $100-$200. Another home run. She’s a keeper! I’m normally not into sweatshirts, but the ruffling on the bottom takes the edge off just enough to make it my style.

Another keeper is this asymmetrical hem shirt. It’s inexpensive, but very comfortable for those hot, humid Georgia dog days of Summer.

This Ellen Tracy swing coat retails from $200-$400. There’s a few things I love most– a dress or skirt with pockets is one, and a good coat or jacket is another. Unfortunately, Ms. Ellen was too big for me, so she’s up for grabs.

I was trying to tell myself to stay away from the winter stuff, but as you can see, it didn’t work out. I’m always drawn to the possibility of a great find that I could miss out on because I’m only looking for  in-season clothes. The big graphic on this sweatshirt also helped to lure me in, and made me think of a comic book. I didn’t find any comps on Ebay, but that could be a good thing because I could get to name my price. This is a hip-hop brand no longer sold in stores. It was started by two guys from the hood who started the line after they kept getting so many compliments on the shirts that they had made for themselves. I guess all the beefing with 50 Cents took away from the business!

Last but not least is this Quicksilver tee. It’s nothing to write home about. It is 100% cotton and I like the message on the label which reads, “Don’t be afraid to wear your clothes hard. You can always get more.” True! Unfortunately, I fell victim, again, to bad lighting. I had to put this one in my clearance bin because of a small hole in the collar. Thrift happens!

The Bill

I paid a total of $30.59 for these 10 pieces, which averages out to $3.06 per piece. Not too bad. I don’t mind a higher sourcing cost when I get to keep some of the goods for myself. I know you’re reading this like, “Higher cost?” Yeah, that’s right. I’m cheap frugal, and proud of it!

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