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I took a trip up to the “A”, also known as Atlanta, recently to get my hair done. I was in the mood to doing some shopping for keeps, not for resell. Of course, I couldn’t let the opportunity to try some new thrift stores pass me up. While there, I hit up a few Goodwill stores; one in Buckhead and one in the Dunwoody area. This is what I came up with.

Funny Story

In both of the Goodwill stores, there were a pair of shoes that someone beat me to the punch on. In Buckhead, it was a pair of very high-heeled stilettos. I can’t remember the brand, but the lady was telling everyone how expensive the shoes were and that she could never walk in them. She was an Ebayer! I’m pretty sure that she was up to some shady stuff, because despite the fact that she didn’t buy the shoes, they were nowhere to be found after they were given to her from behind the counter. Had I gotten my hands on them to do the comp, I probably would have bought them to sell too on Ebay or my online thrift store.

At the Dunwoody store, the shoes were a cute pair of black leather and jute espadrilles. I watched the girl like a hawk, because I was trying to figure out if she was trying them on or if they belonged to her. She was trying them on, and didn’t put them back down. I was kinda crushed!

The Bottom Line

All of the items came from the Buckhead Goodwill except for the brown Nine West pumps, which came from the Dunwoody Goodwill store. All in all, I did pretty well in ATL. I’m definitely going back!

  1. Michael Kors Cork Heels: $20.92
  2. Ralph Lauren Purse: $4.99 (despite the 24.92) price tag!!! I’m just now realizing this.
  3. Ya Los Angeles Shirt: $5.99
  4. Nine West Vintage America Wedges: $5.99
  5. The Container Store File Organizer: $2.92
  6. Nine West Leather Pumps: $5.99

Goodwill Locations Shopped:

North Georgia- 1165 Perimeter Center West.Atlanta, GA.30338

Buckhead- 3906 Roswell Road.Atlanta, GA.30342

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