Express Skirt: Skirts Need Pockets Like Peanut Butter Needs Jelly

Again, I have to confess my undying love for skirts and dresses with pockets. This Express skirt came from my local Goodwill retail. It was purchased with a few other items in a small haul, so its cost averages out to less than $4. You can’t even get lunch for that price these days.

Pairs Well With…

The skirt fit a little big in the waist, and it had a tendency to hitch up in the back, which I hate. Once I paired it with a wide belt, it stayed in place very well. I paired the Express skirt with a pair of tights, a sheer, high-collared blouse, and a pair of stiletto booties from Target that I got a couple of years ago. Of course I got them on clearance!

Just Shoot Me

This is what happens when your sons play too much and your photographer is your cousin! I left for just a few minutes to change clothes for the next shoot, and this is what I came back to. I couldn’t help but laugh. My boys are a mess! In this shoot I do a girl-next-door versus the model side-by-side pose. You can check it out here.


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LOVE the fact that you made it thrifty and found some good stuff
LOVE the fact that you are not afraid to work (!) thrifty clothes like some people I know. Straight Ws for you today mama. Straight wins.


Thank you. I appreciate that!


Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
Have a nice day!


Thanks Veronica, I appreciate that.

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