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Do you love shipping out your items to paid customers, but hate having to search through your inventory? If so, then this guide and Ebay’s note feature is for you. If you don’t have those problems yet, keep sourcing, you will!

The Problem

As any eBay seller knows, shipping is the most rewarding part of selling next to the ca-ching sound that you hear when your item sells! One of the hard parts of being a seller is staying organized. I purchase some of my inventory for my online thrift store at Goodwill outlets which sell stuff by the pound, so it is never uncommon to return home from a haul with multiple bags of goodies.

The bags of goodies then get taken into my studio, (a.k.a. the garage) for processing. Lol! Once I have them there, I unpack and hang things on my clothing rack or lay them out on my table. If you’re interested in seeing my processing method, holla at me in the comment box. Once I get an item listed, it goes into a crate in my attic. When I only had a few items and just a couple of crates, it was fairly quick and easy to locate a customer’s paid item(s) for shipping. The more sourcing that I do, the more crates that I have stored in my attic. Recently this has become a headache. 

Sometimes I have order notifications on my phone when I wake up in the morning for work, so I’ll go up to my attic and pull an order before I start my day. I was spending way too much time hunting through about 18 crates for a particular item; time that I needed to be spending writing a quick thank you card and slapping a shipping label on the package before having to get myself and the kids ready for our day. I knew that I needed a better system, but I hadn’t made the time to come up with a system until recently. I spent a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon creating a number system using the eBay note feature in the listings, and I’m confident that this is going to make my early morning commutes to the attic much less time consuming.

The Solution: The Guide to Using Ebay’s Note Feature

  1. Navigate to your listings on Ebay.
  2. Select the radio buttons next to the items that you want to create a note for.
  3. Go to the beginning of the listing section, click on the “action” tab, and select “add/edit note” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Look for the box. They key is to use a location description for that particular item (i.e. 3rd shelf), or you can use a customized sku number for your item.
  5. Click save, and that’s it! Your note will only be visible to you, the seller.
  6. When an order comes through, go back to your sold listings to view your note located under the listing picture. It will tell you where to find your customer’s paid item. Voila!
  7. Update: I discovered that if you use “sell as similar” instead of using “relist”, you notes will disappear. Make sure that you relist using the “relist” feature to preserve your notes.

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