Antique Mall: Downton Savannah, Georgia

Although I learned of this store from a yelp review, I stumbled upon it one Saturday while I was in Savannah, GA doing some sourcing for my online thrift store. I was so excited, because next to thrifting, antique-ing is my next favorite thing. So I swung my suv around and parked on the street like you do when in downtown Savannah, and I rushed in.


Let me start by saying that there are some very wonderful, eclectic pieces in this store; some I absolutely loved. They had a mixture of real antiques and modern, distressed furniture and pieces. Now, let me tell you why I wouldn’t buy any of them from this store!


Aside from the prices being overinflated, when I walked into the store, I was neither greeted nor acknowledged. Pet peeve number one! I was willing to write that off to the store associates being busy attending to other customers, so I commenced my walkthrough. I had made it a little more than halfway around the store when I saw a store associate. She greeted and offered her assistance to a couple directly across from me, but again failed to greet or acknowledge me. I guess I didn’t look like I had any money to spend. Lol! I finished looking at everything and snapping pictures, and then moved on with my life. It’s such a shame that their customer service was selective and poor, a far cry from the experience that I had at another Savannah boutique, The Vicar’s Wife, but at least I have these pictures to share with you!

The moral of the story here is for business owners: Treat all of your customers as if they own a gold mine, and as if they are going to be blogging about their experience at your store. You just never know! You just never know when a blogger will   create a little Instagram (@suthern_twang) post about their bad experience, post  it on their Facebook page (, and tag your store in it (wink).



Have you had a bad customer service experience at a store before? 

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