I found this at the bins in Orlando, Florida. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and snatched it up! It sold for $19.50 a few hours after being listed on my online thrift store.

So let’s talk about the bins in Orlando…crazy! I wasn’t ready!!! Foreign-speaking people all up in your personal space. One guy actually reached right across me; grabbing at stuff in my zone (shaking my head). Customers were being¬†corralled into one section of the store until the bins were swapped out. The power-hungry flashlight cop was annoying everyone. Who does that?! After about 3 hours in the store, my husband couldn’t take the people being right up on him anymore, and he retreated to the outskirts of the madness. Lol! Yes, I said 3 hours, I’m hard-core, but we played hard too that night at BB King’s House of Blues ’til past 1:30 a.m. Look ma, no kids!
Hubby & I

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