Week 1: Death to Fibroids & Relief to Me…Kind of

So you’re interested in taking back your life from fibroids, huh? Good. So was I. I underwent the procedure on June 30, 2016. I arrived at the hospital, answered questions, took a pregnancy test, was evaluated, given an i.v., you know, the whole nine yards. The part of the pre-op that I hated the most … Continue Reading

Why I Had My Fibroid-Shrinking Procedure

To those of you that don’t know, a fibroid is a non-cancerous growth that some women get inside or on their uteruses. If you already know about fibroids, then chances are, you can relate to what I’m about to say. I first found out that I had fibroids with the pregnancy of my first child … Continue Reading

Day 3: My Diatomaceous Earth Experience

Last night makes for the second night of night sweats. Today I was exhausted. I slept for several hours straight. I got on Google last night and discovered that being tired in the early stages of a detox was normal. I had two bowel movements today, and noticed that there is barely any odor given … Continue Reading