4th of July Savings

I know that the kids and the teachers don’t want to hear this–but it’s time to start doing back-to-school shopping. One advantage of starting now is that you get to pick up items slowly and catch the lowest prices. I was in Target yesterday, and I found some good 4th of July deals and some decent ones. Take a look.

Boys Clothing

Target had some cute graphic t-shirts, jeans, and shorts for the fellas. One pair of the jeans pictured below is 70% off! As usual though, the girls’ rack had a cuter selection. As the mom of boys, I must say, it’s so not fair!

Girls Clothing

Here are just some of the girl goodies that I spotted. My favorite are these skirts. They’re not actually skirts, they’re skorts (a skirt/shorts combo)! I have 2 cousins who shall remain nameless that used to kill these back in the 90’s! I think that they are so appropriate for little girls, because when they get to school, they don’t always remember that they have a skirt on. You know what I mean?! My other favorite is the gray cardigan with the appliqués. A sweater always comes in handy in a chilly classroom.

Home Decor

It was really hard for me not to pick up one of these LED light boxes. I absolutely love the concept, and at 70% off, you can’t beat it! My only saving grace was that they didn’t have a saying that I could relate to.

How to Save Even More

If you’re now thinking about stopping in at your local Target, don’t forget to use your apps to save even more!

  • Target Cartwheel & Redcard: Target has a money saving app for your smart phone. You can search for savings by category, collections, by item, or have them recommend deals to you based on your spending history. The savings are offered on different items and vary, but they usually start at 5% and go upward. Target also offers a debit or credit Redcard. I have a the debit Redcard, and whenever I make a purchase the amount is debited from my checking account. The benefits of using the card are the 5% savings on your purchase, future offers tailored to your spending history, free online shipping on most items, and 30 extra days for returns.

Now that you know, got out to your local Target and see what you can find. Save the day and don’t forget to let us know what you find!

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