The Bluetique

This week I stumbled upon Goodwill’s upscale thrift store, The Bluetique! Crazy story: I went in search of this story a couple months ago because I loved the concept, but I ended up going in the regular Goodwill next door because I didn’t realize that there were two separate entrances. I thought that the case at the front of the store (where they keep the good stuff) was “The Bluetique”. Yesterday as I was packing my thrift haul from the Goodwill retail into my SUV, I realized the error in my ways. I was about to do it again! I felt like a complete idiot! No wonder I wasn’t impressed the first time.

The Men’s Section


Clean Little Layout


I was very pleased with the polished, organized, cozy feel of the store, which was a stark contrast to most Goodwills and thrift stores. It was very boutiques; even had some scented candles burning.

Tidy Display Table


The merch was good quality, and the prices were affordable in relation to the brands. They carried some higher-end, designer merch, but also some brands that I’ve seen sold at T.J. Maxx. All in excellent used condition or brand-new. They carry clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, coats/jackets, and accessories.

The Women’s Section

 Customer Service

There was an abundance of staff on hand, and only about three customers. I didn’t understand that! Anyway, I kinda felt like I was being followed, so that put me on defense right away. After seeing me pick up a handbag, one of the employees said twice (once to her co-worker and once to me), “That’s a vintage Dooney.” As if I didn’t know. If she’d given me a hello when I walked in, she wouldn’t have gotten this dry reply from me, “I know.” Lol!

Another Tidy Display


I would definitely recommend this place. It’s a hidden gem! I even scored a vintage Dooney & Bourke handbag on this trip. Click here to read that post. What have you found lately at the thrift?

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