I Got Moisturized Naturally Curly Hair by Cancelling One Product

The Back Story I finally figured out what was making my naturally curly hair so dry. Thanks YouTube! Ever since I went natural and did the big chop, it has been game-on to find the right hair products to achieve defined, moisturized naturally curly hair. Like most naturally curly girls, I am somewhat of a product … Continue Reading

7-Day Post-Blowout Natural Hair No Heat Challenge

To Blowout Natural Hair or Not Natural hair curl patterns are just as unique as the methods in which their owners use to care for them. Some curlfriends wear their hair straight, some wear theirs curly, some braided, and some a combination of all the above. Then there is the issue of how often curlfriends … Continue Reading

You Ain’t Got Good Hair Like My Baby: To Thine Own Hair Be True

Welcome to the Jungle It’s the thing that is never far from a brown girl’s mind–literally…her hair. It’s been a long time since I did a post about it. Today I want to focus on understanding your hair type. No, this is not about knowing whether you’re a type 3b or 4c. This is a … Continue Reading

Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Review

These Curls Ain’t Loyal When asked about the products that I use on my hair, I start to comb the recesses of my brain. Why, because I am not brand loyal. Right now under the sinks in my bathroom I have the following brands: Shea Moisture (pronounced “shay”), Joico, Carol’s Daughter, and CHI to name a few. … Continue Reading

10 Mistakes Natural Hair Rookies Make

Natural Hair, Please Care When I first went natural for good, I must admit that I didn’t really know what the blank I was doing. My mother who is and has been a hair dresser since I can remember, was of little help. I still love her though! The second wave of the natural hair movement had not … Continue Reading

Why Sealing Natural Hair is Key in Moisture Retention

So What is Hair Sealing? Sealing natural hair is the process of applying sealing oils to wet, natural hair in order to lock in moisture. Without it, my hair gets dry and crunchy, and any technique or product that I used to moisturize it becomes null. In a previous post, How-to Moisturize Dry, Naturally Curly Hair, I talk about … Continue Reading