The Ebay Seller Startup Kit: Tools Every Ebay Beginner Must Have

So You Wanna Be an Ebay Seller? Lots of people do. Some do it full-time, while others, like me, do it part-time. Aside from the amount of effort that you put into the Ebay hustle, there is one thing that will either make you or break you as an Ebay seller…having the right supplies. Your … Continue Reading

How to Use the Ebay Flat Rate Shipping Feature for Your Listings

Ebay Flat Rate Shipping Today’s eBay beginner tutorial is about how to use the eBay flat rate shipping feature in eBay. This is for those listings that have already been created without it. I have an eBay store so if you don’t, the first steps may be a little bit different for you, but most … Continue Reading

My 2017 Ebay Side Hustle Income & the Struggle of a Self-Hosted Store

The Backstory of My Ebay Side Hustle Income My Ebay side hustle income began in December of 2016. I decided to give Ebay a try because they were running one of those “list for free” offers. I had a cute, brown, leather GAP jacket that was a tad bit too small, and I thought that … Continue Reading

Want $50 in Ebay Coupons? Sell Your Old Baby Clothes

Baby Gear=Money Purge the kids’ closets and empty their drawers. Think of it as a late Spring cleaning with benefits. If you sell your baby clothes and baby gear by August 18th, you can earn cash and get up to $50 worth of coupons redeemable on Ebay! What Can You Sell? Baby Clothes & More … Continue Reading

How to Sell Your Stuff on Ebay: the Step-by-Step Tutorial

 Sell Your Stuff on Ebay So you finally decided that you want to give the Ebay thing a try. You’re late to the game, and so was I,  but sometimes it’s better late than never! In this guide for beginner Ebay sellers, I’m going to teach you how to list and sell your stuff on … Continue Reading

How to Find Ebay Comps in Sold Listings

What’s a Comp? Comp is an abbreviation for comparable. In real estate, if you price your house too high, no bites. If you price it too low, you leave money on the table. Just like in real estate, if you’re selling an item, you need to know what the competition is selling their similar item … Continue Reading