Soul Food: Georgia Stays on My Mind

Recently on a trip to Dallas, Texas for a conference, my parents, my husband, and I went in search of some good like-home-cooked soul food. We ended up on 2840 E Ledbetter Drive at a place called Sweet Georgia Brown. Was it a little ironic that we flew in from Georgia to Texas and ate at a placed called Sweet Georgia Brown?! When we pulled up, we were greeted with a line extending outside of the door. That was a good sign, because if the food was nasty, who would wait in line for it?


Let’s just say that I told my mother several times that I was going to get my food and just eat in the car! The food looked good, but the inside of the building? Not so much. It baffles me why businesses that seem to be doing well with sales, don’t think of how much more money they could make if they did some upgrades. I mean, the line was out the door for goodness sakes! Aside from appearances, the location of the restaurant was in a kind of sketchy part of town. The restaurant closes early, and probably for good reason. I don’t think I would want to go there at nighttime.


Customer Service

The servers on the line were very friendly and humorous. The waitress was a trip. She made us laugh, and she happily exchanged one of my sides when I had a change of heart.

The Grub

The food was on point! I know it doesn’t look that appetizing in the to-go container, but it was delicious. I had the turkey wings and gravy, cabbage, macaroni and cheese, pound cake, and a mini sweet potato pie. No, I didn’t eat both desserts! I got one to go to sample later on in the hotel. Everything was seasoned to perfection. The cabbage was simply amazing, and the turkey wings were falling off the bone. The portions were gigantic. Had my husband and I known how big they were, we would have just split a dinner between the two of us.

The Price

The price for two people to eat was about $45 dollars, which included two dinners, two bottles of water, and dessert. That wasn’t bad considering how large the portions were and that I ordered two desserts. My husband got a two-meat combo dinner instead of one entrée, not that I’m putting his eating habits on blast or anything! I’m just saying that that is why the bill was a little higher than I had expected, but again, we could have cut the bill in half had we both shared a two-meat combo.


The experience was good, despite the 10 minute or so wait in line. I even ended up eating inside the restaurant. Only because the other side looked a little better than the side where we had to wait in line. If I went back to Dallas, I’d probably look up Sweet Georgia Brown to get a little soul food! What’s the best place in your city to get some soul food?

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