diatomaceous earth

I actually took my first dose last night before I went to bed, but today was the first day as far as having it in my system throughout the course of a day. I put one teaspoon in a small glassful of juice, stirred it briskly, and drank it down before it settled to the bottom. The diatomaceous earth didn’t have a smell or a taste, and I could barely feel the its texture in the juice. It went down smoothly. Side note: I also gave my kids a dose. We’ll see how that goes later. The recommendations that I read on the web suggested starting out slowly and gradually increasing my intake to two heaping tablespoons. I was very tempted to start out with a tablespoon, but I thought better of it. It is also recommended that you use diatomaceous earth, DE, an hour before or after a meal so that it doesn’t absorb the nutrients from your food. I took it this morning at 8 a.m., and about an hour later, I began to sneeze a lot and my nose was runny for a few minutes. Well, when I woke up this morning, my nose was stuffy, but my nasal passages cleared up after the sneezing episode. Hmmm, that was interesting. Another thing that I noticed within the hour after I took the DE was that I had a bowel movement. Now I’m normally a “morning person” anyway, so that was nothing to shout about, but I have been experiencing constipation for about two weeks now due to pain medications that I was prescribed after undergoing a procedure to shrink my fibroids. It took me a couple of days to even have a bowel movement at all after the procedure. I quickly sympathized for people who frequently suffer with constipation. I was so miserable! My bowel movement after two doses of DE was a smooth move. I haven’t felt any stomach discomfort whatsoever, I went until about 4:00 pm today without anything to eat because I was busy running errands and putting my classroom back together. I didn’t feel like I was running on empty at all, and I actually had another bowel movement about eleven hours after the first one. So far, DE and I are off to a good start.




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