My DE Drink

I increased my dosage of diatomaceous earth (DE) today to one tablespoon. I felt a little queasy several hours after taking it. Several hours after that, I experienced a short-lived headache. I can’t say for sure whether these two events were due to the increased amount of DE or if they were just flukes. At any rate, they weren’t severe enough symptoms to hinder me from increasing the dosage again tomorrow. I have noticed that I’m doing much better with my sugar cravings, although today I had to fight a little harder than other days not to cave in. I had a quick sip of my son’s Chic-Fil-A milkshake. Hey, I didn’t say that I won the fight!! I walked into the kitchen today and my nine-year-old was fixing himself a DE drink. This tickled me because he doesn’t seem to focus on anything for too long, but he said he watched me fix it so now he can do it on his own.

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