Don’t Believe the Hype

I got up Saturday morning, chugged my Starbucks vanilla Frappucino, and set off in search of some blog-worthy deals in my area. The first garage sale that I went to was a bust! A two-family garage sale they called it. I hate when people over-hype their stuff! If it’s just some odd and ends, then they should just say so! It would help people like me to not waste their time or gas when we could be out grabbing up the good stuff!

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The second garage sale had some decent stuff. I almost passed on it because of the bad pictures that they advertised. When I was doing my pre-game the night before, I told myself that I was going to pass on that one. Thankfully, I didn’t realize it was the same garage sale until I was already there, so I got out and took a look around anyway.

Their prices were borderline too-high, though. I talked the lady down a buck each on two pairs of the shoes. Did I mention that I was very cheap frugal? Don’t laugh, I think I got it from my grandma! Besides, I am NOT a morning person. I wasn’t up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning for my health. I was on a mission to find things that I could flip for profit on my online thrift store, and the only way to make a profit is to buy low, baby!

Now We’re Talking

The third yard sale was even better! The people at that garage sale had a lot of goodies for me at fantastic prices. Even though I’m cheap, I did wonder why in the world someone would get up that early, pull all of their junk out, and then sell it for pocket change. It was just a passing thought, though, and it happened as I was driving away with a duffel bag full of $0.50 shoes.

Top Left: BareTraps, Merona, Prada, B.O.R.N, & Clarks Bottom Left: Crocs, Merona, B.O.R.N, & Liz Claiborne

The Stuff Garage Sale Dreams are Made of

After I left Brunswick, I headed over to St. Simons Island (SSI). It’s one of those places where you will almost always find at least one great deal. You can read about a sweet deal that I got from a previous garage sale on SSI here. The first stop was a bust…again. The next stop made me very happy! Although I found a gem at that stop, the seller there was waaaay greedy. Don’t get me wrong, she had some nice stuff, but it was soooo overpriced for a garage sale. I was talking so much trash under my breath, and then my eyes met with a pair of gold, leather Prada flats. I went straight into stalk-mode.

There are three things that I love: soft, supple leather; gold, and amazing deals.  Unfortunately, the Prada’s weren’t my size, and as you can see by the “sticker”, I paid only $10 for a pair of Prada shoes. Before I bought them, I went back to my car and did a quick price comp. on eBay. The shoes go for about $60 on eBay, so I got my coin up and rushed back over to buy them. I asked the woman if they were authentic, and she said yes. Although, I could tell by the quality of some of the other brands that she had for sale, that they probably were. I hit up one more garage sale after that one, and found one more pair of run-of-the-mill shoes, then I headed to Grandy’s to treat myself to breakfast for a job well done!

The Bottom Line

I spent no more than $2 for any one item, except the Prada’s. I spent a total of $23.50 for my Saturday morning adventure. It was well worth it, although, I won’t really be able to tell how successful I was until I flip my finds. If you want to check out my previous finds, read my What Sold on eBay posts.

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