Georgia’s One & Only Goodwill Outlet

This bin is located in Savannah, Georgia. I have shopped this bin many times, but I stopped going because the staff was not rotating the bins throughout the day. When die-hard  thrifters go to the bins, they expect to stay at least an hour, and you can’t do that if the bins aren’t rotated. The Goodwill outlets in Jacksonville and Orlando are constantly bringing out new bins. This keeps the scavengers…I meant…the customers happy, and the store maximizes its earning potential. Needless to say, I was so happy to see that someone figured out what needed to be done! Compared to any other Goodwill outlet that I’ve been to, this one is heaven to me now that the change has occurred. The energy is so calm. I actually had a 15 minute conversation with another teacher about the state of education over a bin. That would have never happened at the other bins that I’ve visited! They would have pinned us against the wall and stole the goods right from our buggies! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little.

Location, Location, Location

This site actually started out as a Goodwill retail store. I’m still curious to know how they chose Savannah to be the first Georgia site to open a Goodwill outlet. I would have thought that it would have been located in Atlanta for sure! I’m not sure that I would have wanted to go to that bin though, I could see it now! If you would like to find a GW bin in your area, check out this resource.

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Hi, do they have furniture here or no?


No, they don’t, Amy.


This is the problem with trying to make a living thrifting, everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame acting like experts, giving out all the information to newbies, and creating more competition for those of us who have been doing this for years. I come home empty handed most days now when a couple of years ago I always found great stuff to sell. Its all the idiots making YouTube videos just so they can monetize them and make a few cents, not considering the cost of sharing the info. Please stop.


I’m sorry that you’re not up for the competition, Jake. I am a teacher, sharing is a part of what I do. It seems like the issue is that you need to find something to do that no one else knows about but you. The Goodwill is open to the public, sorry that you thought it should be a best kept secret! Damn this internet; always connecting people and putting new information into the wrong hands!! May the thrift gods be with you, Jake from State Farm.

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