Homegood of Brunswick, Georgia
The long awaited opening of Homegoods, located at 524 Canal Road, has finally come! Many of us waited, and waited, and wondered when in the world the store was going to open. If you’re like me, you thought for sure that they were going to open before Christmas, sadly they did not. For the people who may be reading this post and wondering what the big fuss is about, you are clearly not from around here. If you were, you would know that a store like Homegoods opening in Brunswick, Georgia, small-town USA represents the growth of our community. It makes native-born Brunswick residents feel like the big corporations are finally taking notice to us, and giving us one less reason to have to travel to Savannah, GA or Jacksonville, FL to shop at some of the “good” stores!
Homegoods’ Parking Lot
So, before church today, I swung by to do a walkthrough before all of the after-church crowds got a chance to crowd the aisles. For those of you who have no intentions of going to brave the crowds, but who still want a look inside, you can take a look at my walkthrough video.


Here is my assessment: I was greeted at the door by an associate handing out free, store-branded, re-usable shopping bags. She was very friendly. She took my picture for me and everything  Lol! As expected, there was a lot of people inside. Some, like me, came just to see what was inside, and some actually came to do some shopping. I overheard a woman tell her mate that they would just come back when it wasn’t so crowded. He was like, “When? In a month?” I laughed, because he too knew how it goes when something is new in town. It won’t matter what time of the day you go, there is going to be a crowd, until the novelty wears off. The store was well stocked, clean, bright, and inviting. Associates were standing by to be of assistance to customers. There were quite a few associates at the front manning the registers. There was even a security guard on hand in case some folks got rowdy. All in all, I would say that the experience was a good one, and that I will definitely go back soon when I’m actually ready to do a little shopping…well, maybe in a month when the crowds die down!
Photograph by: Dwight Burdette

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