Iron Knees

Had I been the mother of two little girls instead of two roughneck boys, I would have never known about Lands’ End’s iron knees guarantee. It’s sort of an unwritten guarantee that the company has on its iron knee pants. For those of you who have no idea what an iron knee is, according to Lands’ End, it’s just “a pair of pants that have a thin membrane of strong, soft fabric infused to the inside of the knee, stabilizing the fibers for dramatic durability”. They come in jeans, dress pants, uniform pants, and casual pants. It’s one of their trademarked products, and they’re kind of awesome!

The Reinforced Iron Knees

The Iron Knee Guarantee

The way that it works is, if your child rubs the knees of the pants out, or in my case, if your child has nothing better to do and rubs his butt against the concrete during aftercare and rubs a hole in the knee, you simply send the pants back or take them in to a Sears for a refund or a Lands’ End credit. Then you just re-order more pants. The pants have to have been purchased by you directly through Lands’ End. You must have your receipt or either they have to be able to pull the purchase up on file. Thrifted pants won’t work…I tried! Lol!

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School-yard Shenanigans

My sons are in private school, so they have a uniform dress code, which mean they basically live in khakis. Being little boys, they have not yet learned how to respect or preserve their clothes, so their pants endure grass stains,  after school football, and whatever the heck else they do after school before I pick them up. I see more holes in pants than I can shake a stick at. Matter of fact, I have like 4 pairs of pants now that will be sent back and re-ordered during the Spring break.

Lands' End iron knee pants
The stack of Busted Knee Pants

You Get What You Pay for

I have pondered the idea of going cheap on the pants, but I’d spend more replacing them in the long run. Let’s face it, the reason that most stores can offer lower prices these days is because they have started selling cheaper quality fabric. This means that those $7.00 Old Navy khakis ain’t gone get you but so far until the knees blow out! At least with the iron knee guarantee, I don’t have to pay again.

Let Me Take You to School

Now I will admit that the price is not cheap at $30 a pop, but there are ways around that. A woman like me has her devices, two of which are called the mailing list and the sales cycle. If you sign up for Lands’ End mailing list or text alerts, you will receive an offer for a discount. Right now, it’s 40% off one item. What I do is wait until they offer the highest percentage off. Usually it’s about 30% off your whole order. That’s when I place a large order. Most of the time shipping is free for orders over a certain amount, so I get the discount and save on shipping. I also get money back by using Ebates when I place the order. I’ll hip you to that game in a later post though. Lands’ End has a “Shop Your Way” program that lets you earn and redeem points every time you shop. If I have some of those on deck, I apply them toward my purchase as well, and when it’s all said and done, those $30 pants are only about $18 a pair. Eighteen dollars a pair is pretty good to me, considering that I only have to buy a week’s worth for each child for the whole school year.

The Sales Cycle

If you ever neglect to check your email, and miss the sale, all you have to do is hold out a while until they run another sale offering discounts on what you need. The trick is to buy enough to be able to survive until the next cycle. The moral of this story is: stop throwing your money away on those roughnecks and get your money’s worth at Lands’ End.

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