I’ve been on diatomaceous earth (DE) for about 6 weeks now. I’m a natural curly girl, and I wear wash-n-goes all of the time. My wash-n-goes last for a week or more, so I only comb my hair about once every 7 or so days. I was a little bit concerned about the amount of shed hair that I have during my detangling sessions, but then I would remind myself that it was at least 7 days worth of shed hair. My last two detangling sessions have been amazing. The shed hair left behind in my Denman-like brush is half of what it normally is. I was inspired by a Youtube¬†video where a¬†curlfriend used 100 pumps of conditioner. It was no way in life that I was going to use that much, but I was curious to see what my hair would be like from using enough pumps of conditioner to make it squish while wet. I’m not really sure if the decreased shedding is from more conditioner or from my DE, but either way I’m stoked! Check out my resource page for a link to more information on the benefits of DE.


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