My Natural Hair Journey

Natural hair, don’t care! I didn’t always feel that way though. In elementary school I begged my mom for a relaxer because I was tired of leaving home polished but coming back looking like a wolf. Any southern girl who has ever had natural hair that wasn’t bone-straight, knows all about the woes of natural hair and high humidity. If you’re not well-versed in natural hair, the two can be a recipe for disaster. The funny thing is that my mom has been a “hair dresser” for almost as long as I can remember, but she never did figure out how to make my locks reach their potential in their natural state.

This is why I begged for perm, and in 5th grade, my wish was granted.

From then until college, I was on a regular serving of the creamy crack.

Back to My Roots

Like most young women, I began a journey of self discovery, and I wanted to go natural again. The only problem with this was, this was back in the day before YouTube existed.

There were no naturally curly, brown, girl bloggers, and natural hair hadn’t been a movement since the 1970’s, so I had to go it alone and it didn’t work out.

I lasted about 8 months; wearing roller sets, dealing with two grades of hair, and I was over it. I relapsed and went back to the creamy crack! I wish someone would have done an intervention on me.

My Great Re-Awakening

It wasn’t until over a decade later that I looked around and saw all of these nappy, curly, kinky-haired, beauties walking around with natural locks that I got the desire again to go natural. Going natural seemed like it would be like going home after living abroad for decades.

I was ready to go home, so in December of 2013 I started my personal revolt against the creamy crack

. Cold turkey? No way! I began to welcome my new growth in. Six months later, 2014, I was over the transitioning bullcrap, so I did the big chop, and I have not looked back since!

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The Game Changer

The difference between 2014 and my college days was YouTube. It helped me get my life!

Although YouTube was extremely helpful, it would have been so much easier if there was a curlfriend who would have come alongside me and showed me the mighty ways of the naturals.

I had to learn so much through trial and error. Not wanting to despise the days of my TWA (teeny weeny afro), I decided to come alongside some other transitioning naturalista and give her some tried and true advice to ease her into a lifestyle of natural hair, and that is how you ended up reading this at this very moment.

On this blog, I want to create a dialogue about natural hair, provide some answers and advice, and by doing so, keep the natural hair movement growing because it’s about much more than hair. It’s about being comfortable with ourselves from the roots to the tips, just the way God made us!

Natural Blowout

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