Can I be real for a minute? Most of the time this is what I look like when I’m blogging; completely chilled. Well, I strive to be. It gets kind of hard sometimes with two little boys and other people and things jockeying for my attention. Writing and creating allows me to go back to the place that I loved to live in as a little girl…my imagination. The place where I couldn’t wait to get home to after school so that I could play with my Barbie dolls and my dream house. A place where I made the rules, and I created Barbie clothes from old socks and anything else on hand. Lol! Yeah, I did that. No companions required.

Little Takiela

In that place of creativity, my mind races with ideas. Sometimes they keep me up at night. It’s great! It’s also sad that just being able to think clearly, without interruptions, on whatever I want to think on, is a luxury. It should be a given! 

As a teacher, my attention is constantly demanded by over a dozen people a day for eight hours a day; not to mention my colleagues and supervisors. The hoops I jump through! The thoughts I don’t even have time to complete! I could maybe write a book on it…if I had the time. After work comes my second full time job, parenthood. I could go on and on, and maybe I will in a different post, but this post is just about a girl, her creative outlet, her peace of mind, her dreams. I cannot let her get bogged down and drowned out by life. I have to make sure that she breathes, she dreams, and that she does things to fulfill her dreams.

What “place” have you gotten away from that once brought you peace? Feel free to post a picture of your childhood self & tell us about your “place” in the form below. 

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