wash n go

Wash n Go:

Ever wanted to know how naturals maintain? Watch the video to find out!

How-to Refresh Your Wash n Go in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Liberally spray the edges of your hair all the way around your hairline with water.
  2. Apply & blend in a non-flaking gel around the perimeter of your hairline.
  3. Brush your hair along the perimeter of your hairline.
  4. Take your headband off, whip your hair back & forth ♪♫, and finger-style your tresses.
  5. Move on with your life, there’s nothing more to do!

I went natural in 2013 and big chopped in 2014. In the beginning, I had no clue what the heck I was doing. I didn’t know how to revive or preserve my curls overnight, so I doused my whole head with water followed by product or shampooed it daily. Before long, my hair was long enough to support a headband, and I was ready to give up my daily hair-wetting sessions. I searched the university of life, Youtube, and could find no videos of girls refreshing their curls, so I had to learn by trial and error.

Here is what I discovered. There is absolutely no reason that if you properly tie your hair up at night, you shouldn’t be able to just pay attention to your edges and the nape of your neck, or as brown girls know it, “the kitchen”. I hope this post helps a curlfriend who is ready to graduate to an even lower maintenance daily routine.

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