Not impressed

So…I’m going to have to let this one ride. I did not get the color that I had intended, and I already know why, but I hoped that somehow my results would have been different. My hair is naturally pretty dark, and in order to lift it, I’m going to have to bleach it and then dye it to get the desired effect. My hair inspiration’s before pic shows that her hair had been previously lightened/bleached. Bleaching is not a route that I want to go because I am scared that it will dry my hair out when I have a hard enough time keeping it moisturized now. It’s not that I’ve never bleached my hair. I did when I was relaxed, but I don’t want anything that may alter my curl pattern. Oh well, maybe in a couple of months, I will muster up the courage to give it a try. If you have had success lightening your hair color without bleach, leave the details in the comment box.

My hair inspiration


My hair reality: after

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