If It Ain’t Broke…

It is amazing how much like my old self I am feeling since I’ve started to write again. It’s my therapy! I was just telling an old friend, who blogs over at Mom, Wife, and I,  about how I used to love to write…poetry and short stories and journal entries when I was a girl. Ladies, why do we stray away from the things that once brought us peace? Now I’m feeling like Carrie from Sex and the City as I sit here at my desk and type this on my Mac! I am not kidding. I always felt like I understood that part of Carrie, and yes, she is the sole reason that I even bought this here Mac!

Just a few of my journals

Therapy Goals

Excuse that little trip down the rabbit hole. I’m back. I was just telling my friend, yesterday, that writing is so therapeutic for me. I told her that I one day want to be so real with you guys; real about my life, my past, and my thoughts. I’m not ready for that yet, because…I just haven’t reached that level of I-don’t-give-a-damn-what-you-thinkedness yet…one day though.

A Charge to Keep I Have

I recently read this blog post that encouraged its readers to subscribe to WordPress’ DailyPost so that they can interact genuinely with other bloggers. I took the charge. Just tonight, I connected with a fellow blogger, and I accepted an author’s LinkedIn request, and what do you know?! They’re both educators, like me! Well, technically, the guy is a retired principal-turned-author, but still, it made me laugh because educators seem to attract educators. Coincidence?

Blogger: @ Mom, Wife, and I

It Brings Back Nostalgia

These instant connections have me nostalgically remembering my first encounters with the internet and chatrooms. I was in high-school when the web and chatrooms were just jumping off. My friend and I would stay after school in the library every week on the one night that they kept the computer lab open late. We would chat our asses off in those chatrooms! Gosh, why is it so hard for me to refrain from typing “lol”?! Connecting with those two complete strangers tonight in the short time span of an hour, made me feel like I was in a chatroom again. If you’re  a millennial, then you’re probably not going to know what the heck a chatroom really is! Go ask an elder.

Make Way

This writing thing, is for real for me. It’s where I came from. It’s my roots; my therapy. Why do we stray away from the things that once brought us peace? The answer is: because we get caught up in life. Living, striving, grinding, going through the motions. Stop! Ask yourself this one question. What have you stopped doing that used to bring you peace and make the world disappear? Selah (think on it). Now find a way to create the space to start doing that think again. I challenge you to make it a part of your lifestyle. Your well-being may depend on it.

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