Peter Max: Who is He?

Peter Max is an artist most known for his pop art. He was known for creating very colorful, vibrant artwork, some of which, he licensed the prints of to be used on clothing. This sweatshirt, along with all the other items pictured here, are from my Goodwill retail haul. My eyes were drawn to the large, abstract print of this sweatshirt and the use of primary colors. I got a little giddy when I saw that it was 1987 vintage. Some comps on Ebay go into the 100’s. Currently this sweatshirt has 4 watchers on Ebay. Sometimes that translates into a sale, and sometimes it doesn’t. Cross your fingers for me.

Update: Before I even hit the “publish” button, this baby had sold. Check out this post, What Sells on Ebay: Vintage Peter Max, Lacoste, & Pikolinos, for the details.

Vintage Peter Max Sweatshirt
Vintage Peter Max Sweatshirt


I found these pair of decent-looking Nike Air Jordan Imminents to list, and I only paid $4.99 for them. You can find them here (affiliate link). Ebay comps for these start at $60.

Nike Air Jordan Imminent

The first pair of Jordans that I ever listed were vintage and purchased at the bins for about $2.00. They were 2007 Air Jordan 8 Aquas; like the ones pictured below. I listed them on my online thrift store, and they sold for $75.00! Now you know why I snatch up affordable Jordans I see that are in decent condition.

The first type of Jordans I ever listed

Other Finds from this Haul

This Express shirt and Bohemian-style skirt are definitely made for each other. They compliment each other to create that gypsy-boho look that I’m really feeling right now.

If you are a Suthern Twang follower, then you have seen this before. It was featured in my “She Poses in Thrift” lookbook. It is a 100% silk blouse that called out to me one day while hanging on the very end of the rack. Sometimes it happens like that.

Chico’s Design Silk Blouse

This is a top that I bought with a co-worker in mind. Sometimes, people will ask me to be on the lookout for certain items. Unfortunately she couldn’t fit it, and neither could I, so I listed it here (affiliate link) on my online thrift store. I didn’t realize that it had a spot on it until I got it under the hot lights to take its picture. Again, I blame the dim store lighting, so I listed it in the clearance section of my store.

The Final Cost

I paid $28.29 for 6 items at an average cost per piece of about $4.71. Now this is more than I usually spend when I’m sourcing for my online thrift store, however, I kept a couple of pieces for myself, so it’s justifiable.  I’m hoping that the vintage Peter Max sweatshirt and Jordans will cover the cost of this haul.

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