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Sometimes a girl has to venture out from Goodwill to find some stuff worth having! I recently made a thrift run in North Charleston, South Carolina, and Uptown Cheapskate was on the short list. Never heard of them? If it wasn’t for  hurricane Irma making my family and I flee our home to Missouri in September of 2017, I never would have either. Okay…maybe eventually I would have being a thrifter and all. Uptown is a thrift chain or franchise located in Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and other states. You can find a location near you on the Uptown Cheapskate’s website.

What They Got Right

What I liked about this thrift store was that the layout was clean. It said retail, not junk store. Everything was organized and visually appealing. They had a dressing room attendant who actually checked in on you. Gotta love that! Besides the layout and customer service, Uptown had a great mix of high-end and everyday brands, and the selection was wide! You were just as likely to find a designer brand like Chloe as you were to find GAP.

Despite my haul being a small haul, I found some great brands like Frye, Chloe, and Free People. The Chloe peep-toe shoes were EVERYTHANG, but they weren’t my size. I squoze my foot into one (yes squoze, that’s when you have to do more than just squeeze) in order to get the shot. Thrifting is so bitter sweet sometimes.

The Merch

As I let on before, I love an organized thrift store; one that doesn’t feel or smell like one. Everything was organized by size, accessories were in their own little spots, and the store actually looked like it had been merchandized. Shoes were displayed throughout the store on shelves above the clothing racks as well as on free-standing racks in the back of the store. I spotted Longchamp and Hobo brand purses, both of which are name brand.

Good to Know


What I almost forgot to tell you is that not only is Uptown Cheapskate a thrift store, but it’s also a consignment store. That means that they also buy your unwanted items. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure they have a setup that would allow you to turn around and use your profit on purchases from their store.


This store is definitely worth putting on your radar. I will certainly shop Uptown in the future. When I was in Missouri, I found out that they have a location near me in Jacksonville, Florida. The bad news was that their grand opening was scheduled the week that everyone fled Florida and parts of Georgia due to hurricane Irma. I’m sure they’ve made up for those lost sales by now.


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If you know of any other good thrift stores in the Southeast Georgia area, tell us about it in the comment box.




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