An Apple Cider Vinegar a Day…

Until today, I had never heard of Vermont Village; didn’t even know they existed. I was on a dreaded Walmart run when I decided that I needed to restock on my Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (acv). That’s when I came across Vermont Village’s line of sipping vinegar. What drew me in was the different flavors and the fact that the ingredients are organic and raw (no artificial preservatives).

There are 4 varieties of sipping vinegar: Blueberries & Honey, Turmeric & Honey, Cranberries & Honey, and Ginger & Honey. I picked up all, but the Cranberries & Honey. Even though I do drink cranberry juice and eat dried cranberries from time to time, I guess I just automatically assumed that that one would be tart. I may go back and pick it up.

Vermont Village apple cider vinegar

Blueberries & Honey ACV

The blueberries and honey had a much milder taste than the Bragg’s acv that I normally take. It had a slightly sweet taste. I have to say that I didn’t detect much of the blueberry notes in it. Overall, I would give this one a thumbs up. I would definitely purchase more. Read up on the benefits of blueberries.

Ginger & Honey ACV

The taste of the ginger and honey sipping vinegar was what I expected. I could actually taste the ginger. The ginger seemed to have tamed the acv, because it wasn’t overpowering. Ginger & honey gets my vote of approval. Check out the benefits of ginger.

Turmeric & Honey ACV

I saved the turmeric and honey for last because I wasn’t looking forward to drinking turmeric. My instincts were right!!! It tasted like hot sauce, honey, and vinegar! Despite the unpleasant taste, I’d take the turmeric and honey again because of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and my history with joint inflammation. Educate yourself on the benefits of turmeric.

Why Even Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you’re asking this question, then you must have been hiding under a rock for quite some time. The practice of using acv goes back thousands of years before the birth of Christ. Apple cider vinegar (acv) has so many health benefits, that you will never be hard pressed to find those singing its praises online.

I started using acv a couple of years ago experimentally to see if it would help with my complexion. I have been plagued with acne since puberty, and I haven’t found any product (man-made or organic) that worked well enough for me to continue to use. Apple cider vinegar does not disappoint. When used as an astringent on my oily skin, it improves my complexion and balances out my oil levels. I also believe that the acid in acv helps to renew my skin and keep in looking youthful by ridding it of any crud that can build up on the skin of people with very oily skin. Below are my before and after pics for using acv as an astringent. I have no makeup on in either set of pictures.

Drink to Your Health

As recently as about 2 weeks ago, I started drinking apple cider vinegar to help lower my blood pressure. Now why in the world would a kindergarten teacher with 2 active, young sons, a needy husband, and a college course load have an elevated blood pressure? You do the math. In addition to a low dose of blood pressure medication, I began taking 3 teaspoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar each day. So far, so good.

Vermont Village apple cider vinegar shot


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Hello. I was just wondering why it says “the mother” in the ingredients. What is the mother?


Gabriella, the mother is the stuff you see floating in the vinegar. It is the source of all the good stuff in the vinegar. Check out this article for more info


Did you see any results of loss of weight?


Hey Annie. I wasn’t really taking it for weight loss. I was taking it for things like lowered blood pressure, but it did help suppress my appetite though.


How often can you drink the Vermont village sipping vinger?


Brenda, it’s basically just apple cider vinegar, so I would say everyday unless you have some type of sensitivity to it.


How do you use it as an astringent? Straight from the bottle or do you dilute it?


My skin is very oily, so I use it straight up twice a day. In the winter, I only use it once a day. You can cut it with water if your skin is sensitive or normal to dry.

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