So you’re interested in taking back your life from fibroids, huh? Good. So was I. I underwent the procedure on June 30, 2016. I arrived at the hospital, answered questions, took a pregnancy test, was evaluated, given an i.v., you know, the whole nine yards. The part of the pre-op that I hated the most was having a bladder catheter inserted. It makes you feel like you have to pee all of the time until your body gets used to it. The radiologist made an incision, shorter than the length of my pinky nail, in my groin in which to insert the femoral catheter. That is how she administered the particles used to block off the blood supply to my ‘roids. The whole procedure lasted 1-2 hours, then I was sent to the recovery room. I was kept overnight and put on a pain management pump that released “liquid candy” when i pressed the button. I was also given an antibiotic med, an anti-inflammatory med, and Benadryl intravenously. Throughout the course of the day, I was stepped down from morphine to a weaker pain medication. The Benadryl was needed because the pain medicine made me itch. Needless to say, I was pretty loopy that day, in and out of sleep. I did experience nausea due to all of the medicines that I was given on an empty stomach, so I threw up like two or three times. The day after my procedure, all the nausea had subsided. My pain was managed very well in the hospital. What was the pain from exactly? Well, the procedure kills the blood supply to the fibroids in your uterus, and the fibroids don’t go down without a fight. My doctor did a great job. I was also very pleased with the level of care that I received from the hospital staff at Memorial Health in Savannah, GA. I had the most awesome nurse. She told me that she’d had the procedure done, and she brought in two other staff members that had it done too. They told me about their experiences and answered my questions. 
  I was released the day after my UFE with prescriptions for ibuprofen 800mg, hydrocodone, and some kind of antibiotic. I stayed in bed for a day or two, and took my medication around the clock. At about day three or four, I was up walking around the house. The doctor told me not to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs, so I just got up and moved around a little. I tried to wean myself off of the pain meds too early and experienced pains that felt like weak contractions. I’ve never really experienced menstrual cramps at all in life, so I can only compare the pain to the dull, deep ache of a weak contraction. Needless to say, I dosed up on my pain meds and laid my butt down in bed. I had to use a pad because I started having vaginal discharge about a day or so after the procedure which lasted about a week on and off. It was light flow like the tapering off of your period. A lot of the women from the testimonials that I read or talked to in person, said that they didn’t pass any tissue before their first cycle, but everyone’s body is different. My doctor told me that the UFE was going to hit the reset button on my menstrual cycles, and that they would gradually get lighter and lighter. 

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