At this point, I was starting to wonder if the doctor had just shot me some bull about a 2 week recovery, because I was feeling a little worse for the wear. I had been experiencing a backache for a couple of days. I was thinking that laying in the bed too much was causing the pain, but then I realized that my drug-induced constipation wasn’t helping. I read somewhere that pain medicine can cause constipation. I think this rang true for me. I was miserable. I tried stretching and standing instead of laying around so much, but it didn’t help. I finally got desperate and decided to go to the gym and walk for thirty minutes on the elliptical. This did help ease the pain.
I had about a day or two that gave me some false confidence. That confidence told me that I didn’t need to take as much pain medicine as I had been taking, so I went for longer intervals in between taking the medicine. Bad idea! One day, I had planned on running a couple of short errands and returning home, but at the last minute I got a call requesting me to take my grandmother to her doctor appointment. After about the 100th errand, I started feeling that dull, deep ache in my uterus again, and I ended up sitting on that bench by the front door of Walmart reserved for the elderly and disabled, and I didn’t even care! Lol! I was in pain and without my meds. I dropped my dear old granny off at her house and made a mad-dash for home where I medicated myself and lay in bed waiting for the pain to stop.

photo by: James Palinsad

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